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Tuition and Fees

Tuition varies with the needs of each child and family, and each course is priced individually.  We also offer a 10% discount for families with multiple children enrolled. For more details please call 800-678-5899. You may also request more information or enroll now online.

Please note the following:

  • Registration fee ($100) is per student and is nonrefundable.
  • Tuition refund is 90% of total up to 30 days as of the student start date. No refunds after 30 days.

Additional Fees 

High School Graduation Fee (includes diploma) $50 MAP Achievement Testing Fee $50

Outside Credit Approval $50 per credit

Customized Courses** $50/unit
Extension Fee (after 10 months and up to 12 months*)
$50/credit per month

*Enrollment and tuition fees must be paid again to continue working longer than 12 months.

**Customized courses are those that require more than the standard 10 units provided in our curriculum. In this situation, an additional $50 fee for each unit will be attached to courses exceeding 10 units.

Tuition Payments

Payment is submitted by credit card or bank debit card only. Once funds are processed credit card information is destroyed.

Note: Full-time students have the option of making one, two, or four payments.

Nondiscriminatory Policy

eAcademy admits students of any race, ethnic origin, gender, creed, or nationality. eAcademy does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, ethnic origin, gender, creed, nationality, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Withdrawal, Cancellation and Refunds

Any request for withdrawal must be made in writing. The registration fee is nonrefundable. Tuition refunds up to 30 days after student's start date are allowed on the following basis:

  • 0-30 days: 90% refund.
  • No refunds after 30 days.

eAcademy reserves the right to cancel a student's enrollment at any time for nonpayment of fees, unsatisfactory progress, failure to submit work on a regular basis, or obvious student cheating. Once a student is dismissed, reinstatement is considered only upon written application to and approval by the administration of eAcademy.