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Scholarship to ORU

ORU eAcademy students will be eligible to receive an ORU eAcademy scholarship toward full time undergraduate residential tuition at Oral Roberts University. This incentive program will begin with enrollments dated July 1, 2007 and following.

Starting with the second year, full-time students who have graduated from ORU eAcademy qualify for a tuition scholarship. The amount of the scholarship increases with the number of years enrolled at eAcademy.

Number of years full time
enrollment in eAcademy
ORU Tuition Scholarship
(based on 2010-11 tuition)
Current Value  (2010-11) of
(over four year period)
2-4 years 10%  $1,938 per year $7,752 total
5-8 years 20%  $3,876 per year $15,504 total
9+ years 30%  $5,814 per year $23,256 total

* scholarships will be renewable for up to 4 years with the maintenance of a 2.5 GPA


  • The ORU eAcademy scholarship to Oral Roberts University is good toward full time, residential undergraduate enrollment in fall and spring semesters only.
  • The ORU eAcademy scholarship is not transferable; it is good only for the eAcademy student who earned it.
  • ORU eAcademy students must qualify for undergraduate admission to ORU in order to use the ORU eAcademy scholarship at ORU.
  • Recipients must begin using the scholarship within one year of graduation from high school.
  • ORU eAcademy scholarships are subject to institutional tuition aid cap policies and may not be used toward room, board, fees or books.

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